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- Various filmproductions
- Museums & historical open air museums
- Re-enactment groups
- Sword fighting schools
- Thousands of satisfied costumers worldwide

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  • Mild honey mead
    Mild honey mead

    This mead has a mild taste and a distinct honey aftertaste. It is sold in bottles of 0,75 l. 10% volume. Ingredients: honey mead, water and yeast. We only ship liquor to customers over 16 years old, please indicate your date of b...

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  • Birka ring bronze small
    Birka ring bronze small

    This ring is a replica of a 9th century original excavated in Birka. Similar rings are excavated all over Northern Europe, for example Dublin, Gotland, Dorestad, Rum (Scotland) and the Isle of Man. This bronze ring is completely...

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  • Short seax with scabbard
    Short seax with scabbard

    This seax is made after several northern European excavations, seaxes like this were used between the 5th and 10th century all over northern Europe. Seaxes were used for both practical ends and as a weapon. This seax is relativel...

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  • Leaf-shaped Celtic spearhead
    Leaf-shaped Celtic spearhead

    This Celtic spearhead is a replica of an original from the 1stcentury BC found in Gaul. Nowadays it is part of the collection of the het Musée d`archéologie nationale in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (under Paris). Spears li...

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  • 6x old honey mead
    6x old honey mead

    This mead has a  full and powerful taste. It is sold in six bottles of 0,75 l. 11% volume.Ingredients: honey mead, water and yeast.We only ship liquor to customers over 16 years old, please indicate your date of birth while o...

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  • Turtle brooch Morberg
    Turtle brooch Morberg

    The Vikings took a fancy to jewellery and wealth. The richly decorated turtle brooches that served to attach the hangeroc to the dress are a clear expression of this fancy. This turtle brooch is made after two originals found in M...

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  • Roman amphora 2,5 litre
    Roman amphora 2,5 litre

    This amphora is made after one of the ten-thousands of originals that have been excavated. They were mainly used in large quantities between the 1st and 4th century, but they were also used in an earlier period: the era of the Rom...

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  • Gladius Hadrianus
    Gladius Hadrianus

    This gladius is a replica of a gladius Pompeii type. Swords like these were used by the legions of imperial Rome. The gladius is called afther Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus, Roman emperor between 117-138 AD and stoic and Epic...

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  • Pugio 1st century AD
    Pugio 1st century AD

    This pugio is a replica of an original from the 1st century AD.  Probably this pugio was worn by a Roman officer.  The pugio is 34 cm long, with a blade of 21,5 cm long. The pugio is made of carbon steel. The scabbard is made of...

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  • Corinthic-Italic helmet bronzed
    Corinthic-Italic helmet bronzed

    This is a replica of a Corinthic-Italic helmet from the 5th century BC. This type of helmet was particularly popular during the Archaic period: the 8th to 6th century BC. From the 5th century BC on people preferred the Thracian he...

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  • Ribbed gauntlets
    Ribbed gauntlets

    These gauntlets consist of several parts for flexibility. They are available in unpolished or polished steel with a thickness of 1,0 mm; 1,3 mm or 1,5 mm. Please see the drop down menus above. Delivery time 15 to 20 business days...

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  • Lorica segmentata Corbrige A
    Lorica segmentata Corbrige A

    The lorica segmentata was worn from the 1st century AD by Roman legionaries. This type of armour plate consisted of iron strips that were attached to the inside on a leather strap. This reconstruction is based on one of the three...

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  • Cluny falchion
    Cluny falchion

    This falchion is made after a 14th century original found in Cluny, France. Similar falchions are found in Germany and England. The original is part of the collection of Musée national du Moyen Age in Paris. The falchion has a st...

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  • Visby brigandine
    Visby brigandine

    This brigandine is based on an original found in Visby. In this Danish city, a gory battle was fought out in 1361. This brigandine was likely worn by a lower to middle class infanterist. The brigandine consists of different iron...

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  • Two-handed Renaissance sword
    Two-handed Renaissance sword

    This luxurious two-handed sword is made after a late 16th century original that is part of the collection of the National Museum in Vienna. The sword has a luxuriously shaped iron cross-guard that protected the hand and also had a...

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