Longbowman Dafydd

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Longbowman Dafydd
Longbowman Dafydd - 2

Longbowman Dafydd - 3

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Colour velveteen:

Colour velveteen:

This set consists of a long tunic and a chaperon. Clothes like this were worn by the Welsh longbowmen in the Battle of Crécy, 1346.

The garments are made of velveteen. They are available in a combination of dark blue, grey, beige, white, red, purple, blue, black, light green, green or brown. For the options please see the drop down menu above and for an indication visit the page ‘Fabric colours’ under velveteen. On request this item is also available in linen and wool.

These garments are custom made, click here to download the size table.

Delivery time approximately 5 weeks.

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